Coming back from a Near Death Experience


How do people react when they come back from a near death experience event


A person who has just had a near-death experience probably has very mixed feelings. One person may express41358_151913981493386_6810344_n anger or grief at being resuscitated; another may express relief. Other typical reactions:

  • fear that the NDE signified some kind of mental disorder
  • disorientation because reality has shifted
  • euphoria, feeling special or “chosen”
  • withdrawal to ponder the experience
  • Desire to share the experience to everyone and be discouraged by others negative reaction
  • incapable to focus on anything else but the experience for days
  • re-living and revisiting the experience daily for weeks or months

What are the challenges encountered from family, friends, work and the medical field

Science deals with objective matters that can be observed, tested, and measured by someone else. An NDE is a subjective experience and therefore not measurable.  The experience will therefore oftentimes be dismissed as a dream or an hallucination as it does not fit the patterns science has put in place.

ThinkHeavenNow enables experiencers to share their after-effects and find either help on how to deal with them, find a support community who can provide resources on where to find organizations or simply connect with others who, just like you, have experienced a near death or in death.